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Laserline 921 TM category 2 Thatcham motorcycle immobiliser installation

Laserline 921 TM category 2 Thatcham motorcycle immobiliser installation. Insurance approved security system fitting with Thatcham certificate

The short-range reader is normally located in a convenient and covert location behind a plastic panel. This makes it difficult to disarm the system unless the location of the reader is known Supplied with 1 Transponder tag and 1 credit card transponder

Laserline 921 category 2 Thatcham motorcycle immobiliser

Specifications for Laserline 921 TM

Transponder - security system is automatically deactivated by a wireless security code on a chip inplated inside a keyfob [T] Transponder immobiliser

2 circuit immobilisation - two circuits in the engine are immobilised when the security system is activated [2]

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