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Fitting a Thatcham category 2 immobiliser

There are 3 main types of immobilisers to consider...

Touchkey immobiliser (cheapest)
Touchkey immobiliser

This type of immobiliser works by an electronic coded key that has to be inserted into the dashboard before you start the engine.

Touchkey immobiliser

Transponder immobiliser (easy to use)
Transponder immobiliser

This type of immobiliser works by wireless signal from a keyfob so when you enter the vehicle you can start up the engine without having to insert a touchkey.

Transponder immobiliser

Remote control immobiliser (easy to fit)
Remote control immobiliser

This type of immobiliser also works by wireless signal from a keyfob but you need to press a botton on the keyfob to mobilise the engine.

Remote control immobiliser

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