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Clifford GP1000T 2-1 category 2-1 Thatcham motorcycle alarm upgrade installation

Clifford GP1000T 2-1 category 2-1 Thatcham motorcycle alarm upgrade installation. Insurance approved security system fitting with Thatcham certificate

Six different tones are programmable within the battery back up siren. The motorcycle horn can also be programmed to sound along with the siren. A waterproof one piece housing incorporates the solid state Tri-axial tilt sensor to monitoring possible movement in any possible direction. Ultra low current draw via timed sleep modes ensures the system is not a drain on the motorcycles battery. Additional inputs and a high quality micro-switch are included to provide further security cover. An ultra bright blue LED indicates the alarm status. The LED can be flush mounted or using the supplied housing, surface mounted.

Clifford GP1000T 2-1 category 2-1 Thatcham motorcycle alarm

Specifications for Clifford GP1000T 2-1

Remote control - comes with high security remote control system making it difficult for thieves to copy the wireless security code [R] Remote control alarm

2 circuit immobilisation - two circuits in the engine are immobilised when the security system is activated [2]

Inclination - Alarm is triggered if the vehicle is lifted up by the front or rear, prevents the vehicle being illegally towed away. [I]

ECU Protection - [EP]

Secure override - [SO]

Compact systems - [CS]

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